Happy Hobby-Full Life Forever.

Childhood!! Everyone’s favourite phase of life, and the best part is you won’t realise that those were your best days unless you grow up with a horde of memories. As I mentioned the word Childhood at the start, I’m sure even lot of memories must have passed through your mind as well. So everyone has a different connection when it comes to childhood and the hobbies we had in the past time. And those hobbies can be anything like; Dancing, Singing, Collecting Stamp, Playing Sports, Writing, Cooking and etc. Every human is gifted with a special skill. And they use that skill in their hobby and put their heart out. These hobbies in later stages turn into passion. If I’m not mistaken passion is something that is driven by your heart. Same way hobbies have all your heart. And, as Children; it is way better to rejuvenate from your busy schedule with your heartened hobby rather than spending time on electronic gadgets. We all know the story of a small guy from a middle class family in Mumbai, who had a dream of just playing Cricket and later became Sachin Tendulkar of India. Likewise there are many such examples and inspirational stories to hear from. I’m not saying that as a Child you should not enjoy the sources of electronic media. But, Hobby is something that will stay with you forever in this Conflict driven world. So this November, to that inside kid among everyone, I won’t wish A “Happy Children’s Day, but have a “Happy Hobby-Full life forever”.


The Art of Kindness…

Once a superintendent of the Children’s Orphanage went round with the couple to show them the beautiful arrangement of the various departments of the institution. The couple were rich and coming from an affluent strata of the metropolis. They were kind-hearted, englihgtened and looked at the problems of life in the light of their own way of thinking.

“What have you to say for the improvement in the daily management of the institution?” asked the superintendent. Then turned to his wife and asked: “isn’t it dear?”. “Yes, it is very well managed. ” agreed the young lady with her husband. “We are interested in adopting two children from your orphanage.” said the couple almost simultaneously: “Is it possible? And if so, will you please help us in the selection?”

Oh yes! said the Superintendent happily: “You are most welcome to adpot the children.” Then, he added: “There would be some formalities for the adoption. But i will show you the best children for you to adopt. They will suit you very well.” The couple looked at each other for a while and then the lady said: “No, thank you! Kindly let us have those two whom no one would prefer to adopt!” 


Hardik Pandya: The Super Power

Hardik Pandya, Certainly the much talked name in the recent times. With times getting better for the cricketer we are seeing some of the best performances coming through him. He is definitely becoming a player to watch out for. To take a flashback, Hardik Pandya, dropped from his school in 9th grade to focus on cricket. He lived in a middle class family with his father owning a Small Rental Car Business. Hardik then made a steady progress in his career by winning matches single handily for his domestic sides. He got notice when he played a key role in winning Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy for Baroda in 2013. Coming from Kiran More’s Cricket Academy in Vadodara, Pandya proved his worth when he got selected for Mumbai Indians Squad in 2015. Later, he relieved that Sachin Tendulkar himself said that “you will play for India in next 18 months.” And soon within a year Pandya was selected for India. And rest is history for all of us. We saw his hitting prowess in the ICC Champions Trophy Final. Also, he did proved his selection right in Test Cricket. Making his maiden 100 in 2nd test match against Srilanka. While talking about his bowling, nobody can forget that spell of 15 overs for 31 runs and 2 wickets in 2nd innings against Srilanka. Pandya is equally good in all three departments of the game, i.e. Batting, Bowling & Fielding. And the reason behind him performing well in all the departments of the game is that he is highly backed by team management and the Captain. When you know that you are been shown faith by the senior members of the side, you get immense believe in your abilities. Therefore, Pandya’s fruitful career is the result of this.

The reason he is more dangerous in an ODI format is that his ability to smash 20 odd runs in a single over. Batmen score these runs in around 5 overs, whereas Pandya Manages to do it in 1 over. At the same time he is very athletic in the field and stops at least 5-10 runs for the side. Along with this he is always a 10 over bowling option available for the captain. This makes him really very special. India, did had all-rounders before in the form of Irfan Pathan, Yusuf Pathan, Stuart Binny and etc. but nobody was really able to capitalise the spot for India. I’m not saying that Pandya is the only go-through solution, yes there may be times when he can be dropped to have the right balance in the side. But, he is someone who will be selectors favourites for ICC 2019 World Cup in Africa. Till then it will be interesting to see how he shapes up his career within a span of next 2 years. The real test will be in Africa late this year, before that he has to face some solid oppositions in the home soil as well. So, let’s hope our emerging Super Power Keeps on entertaining us.


One day at a time…

One day at a time, with its failure and fears,

with its hurts and mistakes, with its weakness and tears

with its portion of pain and its burden of care;

One day at a time we must meet and must bear.


One day at a time to be patient and storng;

to becalm under the trail and sweet under wrong;

then its toiling shall pass and its sorrow shall cease;

it shall darken and die, and the night shall bring peace.


One day at a time- but the day is so long,

and the heart is not brave, and the soul is not strong.




You are the one…

You are the one, whom I always think every night,

You are the one, whom I miss after every fight.


You are the one, whom I always admire,

You are the one, who always set my heart on fire.


You are the one, with whom I enjoy in rains,

You are the one, with whom i share all my pains.


You are the one, who always give my life a shove,

You are the one, whom I will always Love.




Social Media or Social Killer?

We all live in the growing Digital media age. What is the last thing that we do at night before Sleeping? And also the first thing in the morning after getting up? The answer is common and simple, We check our mobile phones. At night to check the pending notifications and then the morning starts with a horde of Good morning messages. Yes, we do check the important and urgent mails. But along with it there is a long list of Social Accounts that we check. And is Mobile phone the only device on which we access Social Media? The point is, we are addicted to Social media. Social Media is growing because we are addicted to it.

Does Social media actually provide a social life ? Chatting, Check-ins, Story updates etc. is that what you call a social life ? or are you busy in improving your over precedent  profile ? the fact of the matter is, social media has taught us to value ourselves more than anyone else. It has killed the joy of meeting people and talking with them. For Instance, we all must be sitting together somewhere and all must be busy in their mobile phones. I’m sure we all must have experienced this situation. The research says that out of 6.8 billion people on earth, 4 billion use their mobile phones. So, the phase has arrived where we talk a lot with our thumb rather than tongue. Ancient poets who have expressed the nature’s beauty as the place of serenity, if we visit such places today, the competition starts that who takes a better picture to upload it on Social Media. Stop bothering for likes, comments and those fake appreciation. Start bothering for your Surroundings, your people and most importantly You. Its we the humans, who have created this new world. So let humans have a control over it and not the other way round. Imagine if someone is meeting you daily and taking away our people and money in instalments. Would you like it? Ofcourse not, then why do we bother to pay a penny to Mark Zuckerberg or Kevin Systrom everyday. I’m not getting into the argument of not using Social Media, but we definitely have a control over it. After all we all are humans, and are desired to deal humanly.


Lights, Camera and Auction!!!

IPL 10 Auction was scheduled yesterday, it was a history of Legacy. As expected the foreign players made hay when the Auction Shined on them. Looking at the teams with their Retained Players, it was a clear message that big hitting fast bowlers and All-Rounders are going to be best bided. England players were never given much preference in IPL Auction, but after being the runners-ups last year in World T20 and looking at the form of England Players, there was a definite Big  buy among them. Ben Stokes was the Highest buy in the Auction, Certainly Breaking the Shackles for IPL at 14.50 Cr for Rising Pune Super Giants. He is the Highest Payed foreign player so far. After Sacking Dhoni as Captain, and buying Stokes for 14.50 Cr with the presence of Mitchell Marsh & Rajat Bhatia as Allrounders, Pune definitely have  something else on mind. Along with Stokes, the Speedster Tymal Mills have also entered IPL for a Whopping 12 Cr. A Smart buy by RCB as Mitchell Starc is unavailable for them.

Not just talking about the Biggies, there was also other small but eye catching bids, like T Nataranjan, who with a base price of 10L was bought for 3 Cr. By Kings XI Punjab. T Nataranjan is a Left arm fast bowler, who has already earned praises during Karnataka Premier League. He comes from a very poor family background.



On the other hand, Kagigo Rabada and Trent Boult also went for 5 Cr. Each for their respective Franchises. The heavy buying of Fast Bowlers was somewhat expected to happen as most of the sides were in Demand for it. Parallel to this, Mohammed Nabi and Rashid Khan of Afghanistan were also bought in Auction, creating history among themselves. Whereas there was also a surprise of shock for all the fans as Ishant Sharma, Irfan Pathan and Cheteshwar Pujara were unsold in Auction. With the amount of Experience they have, still no franchise was seen interested in buying them.

So, all in all IPL 10 Auction was a hay for Foreign Players. Fast Bowlers being paid whooping amounts and some smart picks as well as some surprises. A Complete Package of Bidding. We can definitely say that franchises know how the games works now, Indian Players were not in much demand from the start, as most of the teams have plenty of them and they know who does exactly what. But, yes this auction can be taken up as a change in Indian Cricket, as Bowlers were encouraged, Performance was given a Front site over the Experience of Senior players. So, it’s all on how well you perform and how consistent you are, doesn’t matter if you have Experience. Hence, Franchises through their buying Indicate, either perform or Perish approach. So, IPL 10 was a Foreign player Bidding affair.